Saturday, July 14, 2012

I incidentally decided to create the #pharma100 list of the top100 Social media pharma influencers, after stumbling upon the #HIT100 contest, and considering that our industry does not have such a list. 

Having spoken for years in many conferences in US, Europe, Asia, Latin America about Social Media in Pharma, I have always been very surprised to realize how behind the Pharmaceutical industry stands on that fascinating subject.

I launched the idea and shared it with my twitter followers on July 4th. The rule was simple : Go to twitter, and share " I nominate @[somebody] for #PHARMA100 - the top 100 #pharma influencers on #SM

This simple rule says it all : It is a crowdsourced list, about social media influencers in pharma.
Not a list of pioneers, not a list of pharma companies, not a list of pharma gurus, not a list of digital experts...

Cut off date was july14th, making it a sort of revolutionary contest to take place between Independence and Bastille Day

The interest was immediate. Close to 200 tweetees enthusiastically participated to the exercise, and here is a splash of what they look like.

A total of 849 votes were made, and by applying a simple count of how many times each one was nominated (excluding the RTs and non "official" votes), we were able to obtain the following results :

Congratulations to Andrew and John who are almost a tie, congratulations to Whydotpharma, number 3 and first woman in the list.

Interesting to see that Boehringer is the only pharma company to make it to the Top 10.... SM in Pharma is certainly more about individuals than corporations.

Avatar Votes
 @andrewspong 29
 @pharmaguy 28
 @whydotpharma 24
 @maverickNY 23
 @lenstarnes 22
 @shwen 21
 @Berci 20
 @boehringer 19
 @dinchin1 19
 @WendyBlackburn 17
 @Alex__Butler 16
 @skypen 16
 @hgazay 15
 @pharmaphorum 15
 @rohal 15
 @SpitzStrategy 15
 @Fxpowers 12
 @pharmagossip 12
 @angel189 9
 @CherylAnnBorne 9
 @EileenOBrien 9
 @JohnNosta 9
 @JohnPugh 9
 @blogaceutics 8
 @DanBax76 8
 @nacinovich 8
 @pharmaweb 8
 @urigoren 8
 @skoko 7
 @veronicabotet 7
 @FarmerFunster 6
 @soulflsepulcher 6
 @anupsoans 5
 @ChristianeTrue 5
 @CUgirl481 5
 @danticoa 5
 @dawidge 5
 @DrugChannels 5
 @edrneelesh 5
 @Fiddaman 5
 @JackWestMD 5
 @MikeMarett 5
 @scientre 5
 @sdorfman 5
 @swoodruff 5
 @writewithstan 5
 @_APCI 4
 @adamfeuerstein 4
 @aviksaroy 4
 @cadelarge 4
 @danamlewis 4
 @drjmob 4
 @DrSarahJensen 4
 @DrugStoreNews 4
 @ellenhoenig 4
 @EricRPh 4
 @genentech 4
 @HealthIsSocial 4
 @jearch 4
 @JP_Pharmacist 4
 @kirkcheyfitz 4
 @matthewherper 4
 @OhioPharmacists 4
 @PhilBaumann 4
 @priti959 4
 @Redheadedpharm 4
 @reedmonseur 4
 @salilkallianpur 4
 @sixuntilme 4
 @stales 4
 @ThePharmerGuy 4
 @VaradhKrish 4
 @BunnyEllerin 3
 @daphnezohar 3
 @Diabetes_Sanofi 3
 @doctors20 3
 @Dominic_Tyer 3
 @Fachry_Pamenan 3
 @GSK 3
 @health20Paris 3
 @jmikardos 3
 @kevinmd 3
 @leighhouse 3
 @manyez 3
 @MDMonseau 3
 @Michael_Gilman 3
 @niloferm 3
 @PeteDTweets 3
 @PharmacyPodcast 3
 @PharmaForceInt 3
 @PorteNawak 3
 @richmeyer 3
 @RxTechResource 3
 @shelleypetersen 3
 @sickonthenet 3
 @The_Social_Moon 3
 @thecortex 3
 @ToddEury 3
 @TonyJewell 3

Other results taking into account the number of impressions and the number of tweets can be found at
In these other results, disregard my position, @hgazay, as it only counts association between #pharma100 and @, without taking into account the actual nomination.

Thank you to @andrewspong for his great article "some numbers don't matter, some numbers do"
I guess now that you won the #pharma100 contest, this number matters a bit for you !

See you all next year for another #pharma100 contest.

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